Battered and Breaded Haddock Bites

Breaded haddock bites – ovenable 10lbs Code: 501950
Battered haddock bites 10lbs Code: 501960

Feature and Benefits:

  • Cut from full fillet – hand cut appearance
  • Light coating system, thin coatings, more fish than batter/breading
  • Premium quality product prepared in both deep fryer & oven – Versatile
  • Excellent product healthcare, schools, seafood baskets, appetizers etc

Featured Recipe

Herbed Scallop Kebabs

Lightly oil the grill rack (see Tip). Cook the kebabs, turning from time to time and basting with the reserved lemon mixture, until the scallops are opaque in the center, 8 to 12 minutes. Serve immediately.

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